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Our Team

Fabrizio Attisano


I was born in 1966 in Southern Italy. My passion for the construction industry was very clear since the young age of 12 where I was constantly helping my father after school and during the summer breaks. At the age of 25, I already possessed a strong general construction knowledge and my duties went from project scheduling to supervising more than 10 crews as well as finding new construction methods that enabled the company to deliver a faster service while maintaining an excellent work quality. I am happy to share my experience and knowledge to help Canadians building their dream home or simply give a new fresh look to an existing layout.

Pietro Attisano


I was born in 1990 in Southern Italy where construction is the dominant industry. Thanks to my grandfather Vincenzo and my father Fabrizio, I was exposed to the business world at an early age. I started to understand the construction mechanism by working as a laborer first, and slowly moving up to the administrative part of the industry. I moved to Canada in 2011, and while I was getting the necessary experience working for a construction company in the Canadian soil, I completed a Business Management Diploma and a Bachelor of Business Administration. I love the interaction with clients and the challenge brought in this business every day. As a Business Developer, my main objective is to connect clients with our service, while guaranteeing a positive experience and enhancing results for both parties.

“Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, expand your knowledge and work towards success. Do not fear failure, as it offers new opportunities that could never cross our path otherwise”.

Silvana Lombardo

Human Resources Coordinator

My passion for the business industry starts at a very young age in Vancouver and Toronto.  I was exposed to the Canadian commerce world working for the family business where interaction with people was the key to success. After moving to Italy in 1989, I managed the family businesses for 11 years.  I then decided to open my own Private English School and taught English as a second language. Since the demand was increasing, I found myself covering different roles in the HR and Administration department to recruit more personnel and satisfy the high demand for my service. After 12 years of success, I decided to move back to Canada where I specialized in Human Resources, Administration, and Business Law. After pursuing the Paralegal Licence in Ontario, I joined Fatro Construction where I am responsible for the Administration and Human Resources department as well as the Legal aspect of the business.

“Team work and communication is the key to success where one can find the best solution and strategy to work smarter and more efficiently.”